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Sunday 18 August 2013

Preparing for Campus ...

The most important thing in a campus interview is to be yourself.  It is easier said than done as in all probability it is your first job interview and you are in cloths, which you generally do not wear, additionally there is a tie hanging awkwardly.  To top it, the procedure has started from morning, so it is quite exhausting mentally and physically.  So best thing is be prepared ,  I will give you simple dos and don’ts from the experience that I have during my years in Cognizant and various student interactions in Calcutta University and Institute of Engineering and Management ( The views are completely personal)

Ø    Read each and every word of your resume , don’t keep anything if you are not comfortable
Ø    Introduce yourself is a sure question , don’t fumble on this , set it up here , tell about your subject interest , hobbies ,  if you are a student partner , a class representative , some uncanny hobbies, part of your college computer society .  If you have done something academically very good don’t forget to mention that.
Ø    Strength and weakness is optional and if you say something, please be prepared to back it up. So if you say you have analytic mind or you are hard working, you should be able to give few examples
Ø    You need not be too forthcoming on your weaknesses, and please do not mention like I am too emotional or I am loose tempered.
Ø    Have a professional looking email id ,  not something like itwasnoteasy  , walkthetalk , or futufutejyosthna . Don’t laugh , I have faced it
Ø    I will say write it down and practice, record and listen to if required.
Ø    Don’t over commit on your subjects , two theoretical subjects , one/two programming language , one database should be sufficient
Ø    Prepare well on your final year / Internship project ,  architecture , business sense / unique proposition should come out very clearly
Ø    People have told their hobby is reading, when I have asked what book they last read, they are drawing a blank.
Ø    Be prepared for questions like, “Why do you want to join TCS”, “Why should we hire you”.  I would have been honest with these questions like “I have heard very positive things from my seniors, and Tata name has a huge brand value. The training programs are excellent ……..”. Not something like this is my dream company and I have always thought of joining this company and all that.
Ø    If you have a year lag or considerable % drop please prepare for the same question.
Ø    On technical part , please understand people who are coming will be 10 + years experience and mostly they might not ask you definitions ,  I will ask you to focus from interview perspective , not an examination purpose ,  know the examples , understand the concepts , discuss with friends to gain confidence.

Ø   Pseudo code will suffice most of the cases , so do not spend lot of time on syntax

For few technical questions on DBMS , you may visit DBMS Questions

Wish you All the very best. 


  1. Thank you sir...for your most valuable thoughts....

  2. I could identify with almost all the very helpful

  3. sir,what should be suitable answer of question like "where do u see yourself in next five years?"

    1. I will suggest , keep it simple. See say first 2 years you want to concentrate on learning ( Not that u won't learn after that , but most crucial in the formative years ), so 5 years you should be an asset to the organization , have gained good experience in technology , have a client handling stint at onsite and be ready to take up a lead role.

  4. I agree with everything here. If I may add few points:
    - Dressing neat, clean, smart and appropriately, which reflects the sincerity.
    -Carrying required documents (resume etc) to the interview venue if required.
    -I may be wrong but from my experience of appearing in interviews, if someone can be humble while being confident, that would leave a positive impact on the interviewer.


    1. You are right , the last point is little subjective and may vary somewhat person to person.

  5. Sir, the two subjects can it be DBMS & OS?????? or is it two subjects other than DBMS????? And ,Sir what are the two subjects (easy) you would advise us to prepare???

  6. No not two subjects other than DBMS , you can also add OOPS and UML ( if that is offered) , so that can tie up with java.

    Actually it depends on you ,

    I would not advise you to prepare one you are not comfortable.
    Generally DBMS, OS, Networking , DS and Algo is what I have heard most.

  7. few more pointers:
    - Arrive at the venue early and try to understand and feel the atmosphere. Do not get carried away by what others are saying but try to focus on your capabilities.

    - Proper attire and presentation can make or break your first impression. So please avoid long hairs (males), get your nails clipped, shoes should be clean and you should not stink.

    - be confident of what you are saying. I have tried to place questions to check whether the candidate can tackle difficult scenarios with confidence. But over-confidence is always overkill. Avoid it.

    - Always start with a handshake. it is the best icebreaker and actually helps in reducing the tense situation. firm handshake shows that you are in control which makes the interviewer feel that you are definite prospect.

    - Clear and crisp communication. Start honing your communication skills a month before.

    - Keep yourself updated with the latest news

    - Refrain from cliched respones like "ABC is my dream company. It has $ XXXXXXX revenue." it has no meaning while seeking employment as a fresher. Rather respond saying " ABC can provide me the opportunity to learn so that i can excel professionally. I have heard that the organisation has excellent training program and provides opportunities to implement ideas....."

    - Before ending, pls ask for a feedback on your weaknesses. shows humility and your willingness to learn.

    there are more pointers but it's chargeable :)

  8. Sir, for the question of "why there has been a drop in your percentage from class 12th to Engineering"
    what answers you would suggest us to give?

    1. There can be few cases

      1) If You have a upward trend in ur sems
      safe answers are , there was an adjustment factor from school to college etc. Adjustment because of the medium also.
      2) If there is a drop in some sem and it is because of health reason it is better to say that
      3) If it is not that , it is generally poor then it is better to show a positive frame of mind. Tell them acceptable issues like it is a time management issue, handwriting ( not that u broke up , or u were a frequenter at someplaceelse :) ) . It should be like u have done a serious fact finding , u have identified the weaknesses u have a plan and u r working on it to do a better result in next sems.

  9. Thank You sir :)

  10. Sir , What should be our answers to the question "Do you have any question ?"

    1. It's a good idea to have some question from ppt , so if they have talked about some programs , you can ask to elaborate.
      If you are academic minded . u can ask if the organization has tie up with some universities , where u can work and learn.
      You may want to know about the training division?
      If you are interested in music , trekking etc. , you can ask if there are groups with in that company?
      It is generally advisable to ask profit, revenue, salary related questions.
      How ever I will highly recommend , do some background study of the company and ask a question

    2. It is generally not advisable to ask profit, revenue, salary related questions.

  11. what should be an ideal answer to "what is your strength and weakness"?

  12. Strength:
    This should be the easy one. Typical answers organized, good analytical skill, good communicator, team man, consistent and sincere , flexible to change etc. keep two things in mind
    1) Examples , so if asked , can u tell one instance where ur strength helped u , u should not stumble and fumble
    2) Your resume should not have a counterexample , so if u r saying sincerity and u r having a bad grade u r asking urself into trouble.

    This is a tricky one , gone are the days of disguising a strength as a weakness like I am too perfectionist or I am so focused that given a problem , I forget all other stuff
    It’s better to be realistic, don’t give something downright outrageous , I am selfish , I like manipulating people etc. It is better to give the weakness and importantly and action plan. An example is communication skill or public speaking so u can say the
    • U r trying to learn mastery of the language by studying the language , reading , enriching vocabs
    • U r practicing taking to friends in english , following some English news channel etc.

  13. Sir if any one of the mass recruiters ask us "Why do u want to join our company not the other two?" what will be the ans??

    1. In my blog , itself I have answerd like Be prepared for questions like, “Why do you want to join TCS”, “Why should we hire you”. I would have been honest with these questions like “I have heard very positive things from my seniors, and Tata name has a huge brand value. The training programs are excellent ……..”. Not something like this is my dream company and I have always thought of joining this company and all that.

      Additionally you can say , all are Tier 1 IT Services Company and you would think yourself to be fortunate if u join any one of them. Now u can do a a company specific twist by your own research and profile. Fastest Growing , Started by an Indian who is widely repsected etc . etc.
      Hope this helps