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Monday 11 November 2013

Statistica , very few points

Don’t think I am qualified, but got a chance to interact with a professional from Statistica and thought of sharing few things about the tool

·         It has amazing integration with ms suites , may be something in the cards
·         Import is easy and wizard driven , supports multitude of data files ,allows connection with a file as well as database
·         It also allows to work on data from multiple sources
·         It has good statistical capabilities
·         Did not get a chance to look at all functionality
·         Correlation and Regression looked good with linear, multiple, factor regression
·         Help files are good and comes with quite a few sample datasets
·         To me a winner is , it’s vba coding interface , which will make life simpler
·         You do not necessarily , need to bring all data locally and process , there is a technique available for the same as well

I know , this is tip of the ice berg , but just thought of sharing what ever I gathered, will keep you posted.